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Application of knowledge of diamond tools

Application of knowledge of diamond tools

Experts offering custom tailored advice for the application of diamond tools

Manufacturing has remained one of the oldest dimensions of economy since the earliest times. In fact, it was the only complement of the agricultural activities that early human civilizations engaged into. Now it is a big sector and has got highly differentiated so that we find entire diversity of products being manufactured for primary, secondary and tertiary use in social economy. Such resurgence in manufacturing has been due to buoyant hype in demand and this has led to dedicated interventions to propel the sector and enterprises in different verticals. Machining is one such intervention and diamond tools signify the passion for more and better! Diamond cutting tools began replacing the earlier siblings that were made in metal alone. The diamond tools represent the new age concept where we utilize the hardness of diamond to cut through various surfaces with high precision and finesse and in an economical manner also.

Apart from manufacturing sector, construction, mining and many other sectors adopted these tools gradually in last decade. Now we find the demand of custom diamond tools as also the professionals who are adept and skilled in the application of the knowledge of diamond tools in specific orientations.

Diamond cutting tools -

Diamond tools are made by fixing the fine diamond grains on the moving surface of the tool. It should be stated that among many benefits of these tools are –

  • Extreme hardness of the crystal
  • Least wear and tear during operation
  • Little friction and heat production at impact
  • Low cost of production of the part being worked upon

Less of heat generation

  • High level of finesse
  • Precision
  • Lower force to cut or grind
  • Prevention of denaturing of the substrate surface due to heat/burn out
  • Durability and cost effectiveness in the long run

With such range of benefits assured from these tools, the diamond tools manufacturers are making complete range of them to suit different manufacturing and other concepts. However, the application of a particular tool in a specific orientation is a matter of specialization and requires the applicative skills with respect to the knowledge of these tools. Therefore we find the new batch of experts and professionals who offer the custom advice as which tool would be required and how the customization could be done.

What parameters the experts consider while applying their knowledge of diamond cutting tools?

The specialists accomplish the task of selection by taking into account various parameters that are intrinsic to the purpose in consideration. These are –

  • Type of work – There is a wide range of diamond tools available like for cutting, grinding, polishing and drilling.
  • The surface - Apart from the type of work, the nature of the surface/part to be worked upon is another significant determinant of the choice of the diamond tool. It is here that the expert finds out the level of force that needs to be offered at the impact so that desirable features are obtained relating to shape, size, finesse (polish), others.
  • The cost – cost is an important dimension of any industrial process and the expert takes into account the potential wear and tear to the diamond tool in a process. He then recommends the tool with particular hardness quotient.
  • The customization – this is necessary to ensure that the diamond cutting tool or that for grinding, drilling or polishing is able to serve as per the demand. This dimension also involves the making of ‘requisitioning blueprint’ that is then responded by the diamond tools manufacturers.

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