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Diamond Lapping Powder

Diamond Lapping Powder

Diamond Lapping Powder

Diamond Lapping Powder

Diamond Lapping Powder

JPT offers Synthetic diamond powders are used for various industrial applications (lapping, polishing, grinding, sawing) and also for polishing of precious (diamonds) and semi precious (ruby, emerald, cubic zirconia, etc.) stones. They are available in different particle shapes, grades and coatings


Grit Sizes

Very Coarse

80 - 120


150 - 220


250 - 300

Medium Fine

280 - 350


360 - 400

Super Fine

500 - 700

Extra Fine

800 - 1200

Ultra Fine

1300 - 1500
Application Area
Owing to its stock removal rate and The high surface quality obtained only boron carbide guarantees economical lapping and polishing of precision parts of all types and of all sorts of materials. A surface smoothness below 1.5µm can be obtained in two operation even rough surfaces, coarse grinding of the surface being executed, for instance, with grit 250 and finsishing with grit 400.

Hard Metals (Carbides)

Finishing / Lapping

• Wire Drawing Dies
• Casting & Metal Surface
• Extrusion Dies
• Forging & Swaging Dies
• Cold Heading Tools
• Optical Lenses & Prisms
• Hammer Heads
• Sintered Ceramic Items
• File Cutting Chisels
• Compacting Press Tools
• Natural and Synthetic Gem Stones
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