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Uses of Diamond Cutting tools in Ceramic industry

Wear proper protective clothing and equipment when using cut-off machines

Specialty diamond tools for ceramic industry help make dedicated products for diverse sectors

The technology is fast improving and new materials are also being developed to serve towards specialty purposes. The use of ceramics is known since ages; however, we have mostly used ceramics to make pottery and art products. Ceramic compounds are known for other important attributes also. The bonding between the molecules makes ceramics hard and insulating substance. The temperature resistance is also very high and ceramics does not respond to high temperatures. Such properties inspired the use of ceramics in industrial and electrical applications. The advanced ceramics are being made with optimized hardness and insulation as also heat resistant qualities and therefore to make the desirable components in ceramics, the demand for precision tools has also emerged. Dedicated diamond tools for ceramic industry are now available that aid in high caliber finish during the cutting and polishing applications.

Precision cutting of ceramics through diamond tools

Microelectronic and semiconductor devices including electrical insulators are now increasingly made in industrial grade ceramics. These components need to pass the quality tests so as to be labeled as safe and effective. Additionally, these ceramic products also need to be made with particular dimensions and cuts. It is here that the precision cutting and polishing is required so that the desired dimensions are generated and without any defects. Diamond tools for ceramic industry offer the dedicated assistance because these are specially designed to deliver the fine cuts without developing any micro fractures in the product being worked upon. It should be stated that the inherent hardness and the specific chemical bonding makes ceramics brittle and thus vulnerable to fracturing if extreme force or cutting action is applied on it. The diamond tools prevent the microscopic cracks through the high quality cutting action. In this manner, the strength is maintained.

Diamond dressers generate less heat and deliver high quality

Diamond dressers manufacturers like Jain Precision Tools are now making high quality blades like the grit types and needle types to suit the dedicated machining requirements of diversity. The use of high quality micro diamonds makes the dressers very effective in making the cuts with least of force. Consequently, less of heat is generated which is also desirable from the dimension of ceramic being a potent insulator of heat. If the cutting of ceramic is done with normal metal and corundum blades then excess heat would be generated and the same not finding the drain would cause damage to the ceramic part and the cutter blade also. Thus through the use of diamond tools for ceramics, better results are ensured and the demanded applications could be fulfilled at best.

Specialty and custom diamond tools for ceramics

Diamond dressers manufacturers including Jain Precision Tools are now developing the customized cutters and grinders to suit the demands of different sectors that have started to rely on advanced and industrial ceramics. The electrical fuses, insulators, micro circuits and semiconductor substrates, ballistic armor are some of the specialty uses of ceramics. These sectors have developed specific demands of ceramics cutting and polishing and they are reaching out for custom grinders and dressers in the segment of diamond tools segment.

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