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Diamond Plated Needle Files

Diamond Tools, Diamond Dressers and Diamond Wheels

Diamond Dressers
Diamond Lapping Compound
Established in 1984 JAIN PRECISION TOOLS is a manufacturer of Diamond Dressing Tools, Diamond/CBN wheels, PCD / CBN Tools, Diamond Honing Stones. With this raw power of our 2 Manufacturing facilities we can supply customer products on the right time.
Our Diamond Tools, Diamond Honing Stones are some of the most advanced metal-cutting abrasives available in the world today. They finely cut varieties of hard or fragile materials with high accuracy and longer life. Common uses of our products are in the automotive, sewing, aerospace, hydraulics, semi-conductor, bearings and tool industries. These products sell well in countries such as the US, Germany, France, Spain, Poland and other parts of Europe, Latin America, and Middle East
Quality Management
Our QC system starts at the raw materials, and involves also checking components and finished products. We use a management philosophy that combines technology, creativity and reliability to better serve you.
Our Aim
JAIN PRECISION TOOLS believes that Quality is the only platform on which an organization can grow. For maintaining the standard of Quality, JPT has a full fledged sophisticated manufacturing plant of its own to give customers the highest degree of service. JPT's Research and Development team is continuously engaged in developing Quality & to enhance life of the diamond tool.
To give best quality and satisfaction for Dressing on Grinding Wheeel, Honing solutions and Grinding Solutions “JPT” is commit.
Glorious Awards
We have added many feathers of glory to our name, all on the basis of quality and excellent performance. We have been honored with:
* Maharashtra State Government Award
* "Mother India Award for Udyog Pratibha - 2006"
* Marathwada Industrial Award
* "Great Achiever of Industrial Excellence Award - 2006"
* Rashtranirman Ratna Award (E.G.S.I.) Delhi.
Our Product Range :
»» Chisel Type Diamond Dressers
»» PCD Tools And CBN Tools
»» Single Point Diamond Dressers
»» Diamond Indenter
»» Single Point Diamond Dressers
»» Diamond Lapping Past
»» Multi Point Diamond Dressers
»» Diamond Files
»» Blade Type Diamond Dressers
»» Diamond Saws
»» Impregnated Diamond Dressers
»» Electroplated Diamond CBN Pins
»» Roller Diamond Dressers
»» Diamond Lapping Powder
»» Diamond Gauging Finger
»» Matrix Chisel Tools
»» Diamond Wheels And CBN Wheels
»» Grinding Wheels
»» Diamond/CBN Honing Stick
»» Steel Files & Rasps

Chisel Type Diamond Dressers  
Blade Type Diamond Dressers  
Multi Point Diamond Dressers  
Single Point Diamond Dressers  
Impregnated Diamond Dressers  
Roller Diamond Dressers  
Diamond Gauging Finger  
Matrix Chisel Tools  
Diamond Indenter  
 Resin Bond Diamond Wheels  
 Metal Bond Diamond Wheels  
Grinding Wheels  
Brazed Tools  
Indexable Inserts  
Milling Inserts  
Microbore Tools  
Grooving Tools  
Diamond Lapping Powder  
Diamond Lapping Paste  
Electroplated Diamond CBN Pins  
Diamond Files  
Steel Files & Rasps  
Diamond Honing Stick  
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