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Diamond Files

JPT manufactures wide range of Diamond files that are used for various purposes. These are manufactured using high quality steel which makes them resistant to corrosion and offer durability.

Our range of Diamond Plated Files is known for its shapeness, high tensile strength and abrasiveness. Manufactured using high quality diamond powder along with full mechanical supports.

These files are prepared using 100% virgin "man made" diamond grains plated on top of precision high strength steel blanks. Each file exposes sharp diamond grains that are used for fast stock removal and long wear resistance.

Application Area :
bullet.gif Hard Metal
bullet.gif Moulds die plates, punches
bullet.gif Quartz and carbon fibres
bullet.gif Graphite
bullet.gif Glass
bullet.gif Hardened and nitrated steel
bullet.gif Ceramics
bullet.gif Hard and precision stones

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