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Diamond Mounted Points

"JPT" electroplated diamond & cubic carbon nitride (CBN) mounted points (grinding pins) are manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant, incorporating automatic process control & unique plating technology. Specially selected grades of blocky natural or synthetic diamond & CBN are used for our / pins. This ensures smooth free cutting action with minimal heat buildup & long service life. Our unique plating process provide exceptionally high bond strength, reducing the risk of premature pull-out of diamond / CBN abrasive grains.

The blanks are made of medium carbon steel, which is tougher than ordinary mild steel, in order to minimize bending of the shank during use.

Application Area :
bullet.gif The pins can be used for external & internal grinding of a wide variety of materials. Diamond pins are used for fibre-glass, Bakelite (printed circuit boards), carbides, ferrites, graphite, ceramics, glass,etc.
bullet.gif CBN pins are used for high speed steels, tool & die steels, cast irons, hardened steels (45 Rc & up) etc.
bullet.gif Standard pins are available in a range of 1mm to 30mm diameter.

Note: We can manufacture custom made pins to your specifications and we also undertake Diamond CBN coating of blanks supplied by you.
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